Big News!

The past 15 weeks has been quite a journey. We found out I was pregnant in early January, so the news is out and so happy to be finally posting it on here. The first trimester was really rough, I truly had no idea what to except. Morning sickness hit hard and lots of sleepy days caught the best of me. I could barely eat anything but toast and butter, nights were the hardest. But that ship has sailed and I am feeling so much better. As I enter the 15th week I can say Alex and I both so excited, it took a little time to get used to the whole idea. But since hearing the heart beat of our little one it feels so much more real. I am looking forward to documenting this journey with you all. This sorta helps explain why I have taken such a long break from my shop. I hardly sewed or worked during my first trimester. So I am looking forward to getting my shop up and running again soon! 

On another note, Sparrow will be updated with some new items. The update will go live around 9am Friday morning. So you are free to shop after that! Hope you find something you like. I plan to clean out my wardrobe a bit this spring to create more space for the baby and free my mind of so many clothing choices each day. I work from home and do not go into town very often. So my regular outfit is pretty basic, leggings, cotton shirt, a wool sweater and wooly socks. But with summer coming I am looking forward to wearing more dresses and less layers. Thanks again for being a reader on here, all your comments over the past couple years have meant so much to me.