Today I turned 24, a rainy March 12th. I was hoping for sun but you can't have it all. Another year gone. So much has happened this past year. It is hard to keep track of all the changes in my life and others these days. Life is good and every year things seem to get more and more sorted out. I have a great group of friends and a wonderful partner who all showered me with love and cheer this rainy morning at our local coffee shop. A few cups of coffee, a few rounds of cards and another birthday gone. Tomorrow we are headed to another island to hike and eat new exciting food! It is my good friends birthday on the 14th so it will be a a day for celebrating the pisces! I have a lot to look forward to this year and excited to see what will come my way this year. 

Cheers, Lissa 

P.s The bag above is a leather purse I made yesterday that will be available in my shop in a few weeks when I open back up.