Alex bought me a 35mm Canon camera for Christmas. I have only taken one roll with it, because I want to get the prints back and see what I need to work on and see how the camera does in all sorts of situations. Sorta a test roll. I sent it off today to this spot. Anyone else send film thru the mail to get developed? Any suggestions? I have always been a huge fan of film and started working in the dark room in 5th grade. I loved the whole experience. My first camera was a Pentax k1000 then in high school I upgraded to a Nikon film camera. I took that to India along with 14 rolls of film. I used them all up and kept them safe from the dirt and dust that India brings. When I travel I usually take a film camera, they are not so flashy and allows me to have something to work on while traveling. So here I go again dipping back into my love for film. Excited to share the results with you. 

The photos above are some new and some old. The first photo are images I found at my moms house while visiting over the holiday. Such a cool thing to be able to look back at my childhood memories and not have to hold an electronic gadget to do so. The bottom photo is from my trip to Nicaragua I took a few years ago to visit a friend.