A New Year

Hello 2013, so many hopes and dreams I have for you. Balance is the word I have chosen for this new year. I have mentioned before about the lack of balance in my life regarding to work mostly. I pretty much work 6 days a week and long days they are. I hope to create a 5 day system and in between that get outside more and exercise my body. I love my work and have so many exciting ideas for the next year but I need to learn to leave it behind once in awhile. I know as my business grows and I become more comfortable with where I am at in my designs and such then taking a break will be more of a reality. I have spent this little time off thinking of my dreams for my business and life this year. I hope it involves more traveling, eating homegrown meals, taking more time for friends and learning more skills to improve my craft. Any new year resolutions you have already started today? I baked bread for the fist time in over a year and it felt really good. I need to make more time for the simple things like baking bread.