I should be sitting at my machine sewing bags but instead I am here. I debated taking a short cat nap or making myself a cup of coffee. Coffee won, today I have a lot of bags to complete but not being very productive. I hope this coffee gets me motivated. I have been listening to this new mix I made! I hope you enjoy it too! Nothing like some good songs to get you moving.

-Paper whites blooming on my kitchen windowsill
-Stack of barnacle bags cut and pinned by my best buds and now there ready to be sewn
-A new businesses card idea, I typed it up last night on my friends beautiful old typewriter. Why are things not made to last like they used to be?
-A painting by my brother Colin from a few years back

ohhh  I found this lovely blog today, I found so much inspiration in it. I think it is time to start using film again. New years resolution: START USING FILM

well thats all for now, just a jumble of thoughts...