Cleaning Up

Our weekend was spent sealing up and covering the deadly lead paint before it begins flaking off our old little cabin. It has always been a concern for us but this weekend we decided to put all the other projects aside and deal with this lead paint issue. Our cabin was built in the early 1900's and was originally a small cabin for local fisherman. Since then it has been a home to many and now finally it has ended up on our land. There is something special about being in a old build with so many layers to it and creating a cleaner and healthier living space out of it. Hopefully we can finish up the clean up this week. Then maybe our little cabin can get back to normal. Anyway it was a busy weekend, Alex's mom came over to help and we are now half-way down to having new siding up on the outside of the house! So many projects, wild how fast our weekends slip away. Hope you had a nice weekend!