1 year ago...

Well a year ago today Alex and I became land owners of a raw piece of land on the south end of Lopez Island. It has been quite the journey and now a year later we are happily living on it! We moved a small cabin to it around this time last year. The little cabin was in pretty rough shape, the whole inside had to be gutted. So the first few months we spent tearing the whole cabin apart. Then after new wiring was put in Alex began finishing the cabin. It now has new windows, doors, floor, insulation and much more.... It is sung as a bug in a rug. Alex did an amazing job of insulating it. The cabin has lots of southern exposure so it heats up with the slightest amount of sunlight. We moved in this past August and everyday it feels more and more like home. We have so many ideas for property, dreaming up big ideas is our favorite. But everything takes so much more time then excepted especially with full time jobs. But we have the rest of our lives and already so much has happened on this piece of land.Β 

Feather print can be seen here