Morning Thoughts

 I awoke this morning to the crackle of  the fire in our wood stove. I laid in bed for awhile and listened thought about this time of year and the sudden feeling of "I am not ready for the winter" came over me. The winters are long, wet and grey here but there is also so much beauty in them as well. For some reason this year I am not longing for the winter, partly I know it has to do with the fact that the night sky visits earlier and earlier every evening. Also we have been living partly outdoors this summer and now everything has to make its way inside our dry little cabin.
 Every morning I take Finn for a quick walk around the property before anyone has had their breakfast to take in the day. This morning was filled with luscious fog and bright fall colors it brought a smile to my face. But Finn was feeling the change of the seasons herself and insisted in not coming so I ventured thru the property alone this foggy morning and took a few photos. 

Change of the season, any thoughts?? Are you ready for the winter or summer weather depending where you are in the world? 

p.s I have been loving this band the "Great Wilderness". A group from Portland OR, you can listen to a few of there songs here. Any new favorite artists you feel like sharing?