Balance seems to be the word floating in and out of my head these past few months. I know it is something many people struggle with and I have seen many other bloggers/Etsy sellers write about this subject. How to manage the business, personal and social parts of life. Life's conundrum! These past 3 weeks have been a bit chaotic for me. From moving, to being to sick to getting so behind in orders. I finally am getting close to being caught up with my orders and it feels so good! I hate being behind. So being that I can see the end in sight, it has allowed me to start thinking about how to run my business differnetly. I know I need to hire help and my lovely friend said she would come help me out one day a week! This topic of balance is one I hope to work on this Fall. As I know I will always struggle with it being a small business owner it is just what happens. But bringing it to light and changing a few things like hiring help and organizing will help me out a lot!  

p.s Check out this sweet little shop called Alder & Co. I came across it the other day. It is called  It is in Portland, OR and seems to have a great selection of items made in the USA and lots of handmade goods.