"take it or leave it"

The blackberry bushes are blooming!
 On Lopez, we have a dump where everyone comes to drop off there garbage and recycling. But as well as that we also have large dedicated area for people to bring things they do not need or use anymore. We call it the "take it or leave it" well actually we just say oh you found that at the "dump." But it is an amazing place and you often score big time! I found a Cowichan sweater one time. I think that was my most favorite find. But always so many free goodies. I do not go often as I am trying to not clutter up my home/mind but I went this weekend and found this beautiful wool cardigan and this vintage fabric. It is a wonderful idea and quite helpful on a island with no clothing stores. So much in our world is just  thrown away but often it could be another persons treasure. I hope more "free shops" open up around the globe. Happy Monday!
Dump Finds