Do you wear a barnacle bag?

if so... then send me a photo of it! Wearing it, or the bag sitting in a cool spot. I send off so many bags and never really know where they go. So I thought it would be fun to do a little photo contest and see what sorta life the bag has been living. The winner will win a 30% off coupon for a Barnacle Bag at my Etsy shop. Maybe use it for a friend or family's birthday or treat yourself to another bag.

Contest ends July 25th.
Please send photo to: lissasnapp(at)

Hope you have fun with this and looking forward to seeing some cool shots!

Best, Lissa

p.s  a few of my favorite photos will be shown on my blog July 26th, when the winner is announced.

p.s.s Barnacle Bags Shop should re-open this Monday (July 16th) I have not had quite enough time as I thought to get new designs and such done but a few new things will be in the shop and then more will come quickly after!