End Of The Year Sale!

Well 2012 is just around the corner, so much has happened this past year... So interesting how life can change so dramatically every year. My mind right now is filled with reflection and dreams. I enjoy change, I love traveling to new places, but it can be as simple as rearranging my home or wearing new colors. So I enjoy this this time of year for transition and goals. Changing up a routine, starting to eat more greens, practice yoga every morning. Simple things that will bring such a positive outcome. Hope you can find peace in this time of reflection. This brings me to  the real reason for my post, well talking about change I am feeling like I need to clean out my Etsy shop. I have some sweet bags that are ready to be loved, So I am putting them on SALE for 20% Off.
So stop by my shop to check them out!

My favorite backpack that is 20 % off