Good Bye November

I shocked myself today by finding out it is December, I knew it but kept tucking back into my mind. I love this month but I am just surprised how November has already come and gone. So many vivid memories of this holiday season. Mostly of the frosty ground, hugging long time missed family, large homemade cooked meals, sparkling lights, sweet spice smells and the snowy mountians. Our family had a long time tradition of going to Colorado to visit my grandparents for the holiday. As a child it was magical, my cousin and I would lie in bed promising to each other we had just heard the reindeer on the roof and spent days bombing down the snowy Colorado mountians. But now we have started a new tradition of a smaller gathering. Just my mom and the brothers and of course there lovely partners. But those Colorado Christmases will be forever missed. This year we are heading over the Cascades into the snowy mountains of Washington, 
oh I cant wait!


But before all that Barnacle Bags are heading to Bellingham, Wa! I am along with some otehr creative firends are have a booth at the Jinx Holiday Bazzar. I did the local bazzar last weekend and it went really well, so I have been so busy sewing getting ready for the offisland adventure. Stop by if you live near by!

Happy December!
  P.S The barnacle bag shop will be fully stocked with new items next week, once I return. I will post more about that later!