Happy November Giveaway!

Well in celebration of a new month and a way to promote my blog/shop I felt like doing a giveaway. This will be my first ever giveaway on my blog. So now for the good part... I am giving away a Barnacle Bag Pouch. Great for putting your makeup,phone,pens,notebook,money or whatever else lives in your bag each day to keep all the little things safe and in one area.

To enter the giveaway you need to:
-Comment below on what lovely items you plan to put in this cute Barnacle Bag Pouch

Extra Bouns Points:
- Become a Barnacle Bag Blog Follower
- Visit my Etsy Shop

Good luck! and the winner will be announced on November 10th,  Full Moon!

also... for the month of November Free Shipping on any Barnacle Bag purchase thru my Etsy shop! The secret Free Shipping Code is HappyNovember, use it at check out! 

               thanks for Reading!

Happy November Thoughts To All!